View over the tin roofs of La Paz

Looking over La Paz

La Paz, the sort of capital of Bolivia (Bolivia seems split between two capitals they can’t quite settle on – the other is Sucre) is at a dizzying altitude of 3,650m (11,975 ft). That wasn’t enough for us so we took this picture from the 7th floor of our hostel. This was our final night in La Paz and climbing those 7 floors with our bags was a serious ordeal!

The air is thin at such high altitudes so you have to let your body acclimatise. Your body will produce more red blood cells to deal with the low oxygen saturation in the air around you. But even after that, climbing 7 floors is quite a chore!

This shot looks over the tin rooftops as seen from our room. Lots of interesting stuff going on, some kids were shouting in a nearby building, you could hear the cars honking in the dry mountain air, and look on further to the rugged mountain peaks.

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  • that’s a beautiful shot… definitely makes me curious about La Paz.

    • Zara Says

      La Paz, and Bolivia in general, are very worth a trip!
      Beautiful harsh landscapes, friendly people, interesting recent history (specially related to the struggle of native people).. such a great place to spend some time at!

  • Planning a trip from northern Argentina to Machu Picchu next January. The travel route includes Bolivia (Salar de Uyuni, maybe Potosí, and of course La Paz, then to Lago Titicaca…) You guys have been to these places. Any particular advice?
    Have a great week!

    • Zara Says

      Great to read about your travel plans, Gonzalo!

      Awww.. Machu Picchu! <3

      The main advice I’d give it to take it slow in order to avoid “soroche”, that is, altitude sickness. Some travelers are so eager to see and do everything that they go too fast in certain areas with high altitude. And, if you happen to get headaches/feel sick, your trip can easily get spoiled. I suffered a bit from soroche in Lago Titicaca (in Puno), but only for a couple of days.
      Take your take and enjoy! :)

      We look forward to checking out your blog posts about this trip!

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