Bolivia visa for Indians

Bolivia visa for Indians

The visa for Bolivia was the easiest one to get in all my travels around the world. (well save for those countries that do not require a visa at all)

We applied for my visa to Bolivia in Cusco, Peru. Normally when you apply for a visa outside your country of residence you need to go through hell and high water just to prove that you’re not up to something funny. Not with the Bolivians, they get a A+ for being really cool! The process itself was really simple.


We called the consulate in Cusco and were told to bring along the following documents:

- Passport + 1 copy of the front and back
- 1 Passport size photograph
- An itinerary for travel within Bolivia (basically a word document that I wrote about when and where we are planning to go)
- A copy of a credit card
- Hotel reservations for the first point of stay in Bolivia (only for the first place we would be visiting)


Excellent! So armed with all these documents, we headed to the consulate in Cusco. We took a 4 sole (~ USD 1.5) taxi ride to the consulate. The lady at the reception was really nice and asked me to fill out some forms while she went inside with my passport. I wasn’t done filling the forms by the time she got back, but the visa was already stamped in my passport!

How nice! The visa for Bolivia is free for Indian citizens and I got a 30 day visa in less than 5 minutes! Excellent! Can’t wait to see the Salar de Uyuni! Bolivia, HERE WE COME! :)

Note: It is also possible for Indians to get visa on arrival at La Paz airport. We had spoken to the airport officials in March 2012 and were informed that the visa on arrival costs USD 55. However, since we were doing a land crossing we decided to get the visa in advance as it is free and takes barely 5 minutes to get.

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  • Wow, you’re going to the salt desert? please take a lot of photos and make a lot of videos!!!

  • Veronica Says

    Did you meet the Consul? He has been my coolest experience with authorities so far! He was in a good, friendly mood and made me watch a video about tourism in Bolivia while he was taking care of my visa :)

  • hi i am a bangladeshi so i want a tourist visa in bolivia

  • Deepa J Says

    Cool. Got it !! I posted on the other thread asking about the Bolivia visa.


    Can we get Chile Visa in Bolivia.

  • Pawar Says

    I am planning to travel to Bolivia I’m from India how to get visa please do assist me…

  • Kedar Says

    Me and my friends are going for the World Cup in Brazil next year in June.
    We would be going to Peru (Lima/Cusco), spending a 3-4 days there and then from there would be heading to Bolivia (most probabloy land crossing).
    What I need to know is whether we can obtain the Bolivian Visa in those 3-4 days we are there (or hopefully within a day) or should I apply for it in India itself.
    Thanks and the website looks lovely.. :)

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Kedar

      Yes, the visa usually takes a few hours. Mine was done within 15 minutes in Cusco as I mentioned in the article. Alternately you can always fly into La Paz airport and get visa on arrival. Enjoy the world cup!

  • vishnu Says

    Hey Ashray:

    I carry an Indian passport, and I was looking for some info about Bolivian visa. I talked to the consulate in Canada and they mentioned that indeed the visa is free but I need to get a yellowfever vaccination for which I have to pay about 120$ in Canada, but going through your post it suggests that its easy to get a bolivian visa in Cuzco, as I will be passing through Cuzco doing the Inca trail on my way to La Paz.

    Thanks for the great info.



  • vishnu Says

    Sorry, I forgot to ask one thing.

    Copy of the credit card?

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Vishnu

      Yeah, the bolivia visa in Cusco was absolutely painless as I described in the article. Copy of the credit card just means a photocopy. It’s sort of like “proof of financial ability”.

  • vishnu Says
  • sid Says

    I was brought to this page while trying to figure out the Bolivian visa requirements for Indians but couldn’t help exploring more. I found your website really interesting. All the best for your future travels :)

  • Shweta Says


    Need urgent information.. Does anyone know what is the working hours for the Bolivia embassy at Cusco? Are the open on saturday? Thanks very much.

  • Kashif Says

    Is Bolivia Safe country for Indian/Foreigners? I have got a 1 year contract to work in Bolivia. I am planning to also get my wife with me. Is it safe for my family?

    • Zara Says

      Hi Kashif,
      Congrats on your job in Bolivia!
      We felt generally safe in Bolivia, but we have never lived there long-term, so maybe we’re not the best people to advice on relocating there. But we did have a positive and comfortable experience traveling around, if that’s of any help.

  • Rahul Says

    Hi Zara,Hope you are good. I am in chile since a year and got RUT card(identification card).based on this card, all finance related and things happen here. Do I further require a visa to go for Bolivia?

    • Zara Says

      Hi Rahul,
      In theory you do not need a visa when flying to Bolivia, only if you arrive by land. In any case, I don’t know about the specifics of the RUT, so it’s better to check with the Consulate in Santiago, just to make sure. Enjoy your trip!

  • Archana Says

    Hi, pardon my confusion here. But I thought Bolivia provides Visa on Arrival for Indian citizens. Is that only in case of arrival by air through La Paz airport or can it be availed just at any border crossing? WikiTravel says that Indians do NOT need a visa to enter Bolivia(could alternately mean Visa on Arrival) to stay upto 90 days. And then there is some conflicting information about “Group 2″ countries in other sites. Help!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Archana,
      As far as we know, the visa on arrival applies only when you arrive by air. If you cross into Bolivia by land, you still have to apply for the visa in advance.

  • Syed Says looking for peru you guys know any travel agent who can get me a visa..i tried for visa with one agent here in India but got rejected..

  • Hi zara you giving nice information about bolivia . I actually intersted to visit in bolivia . Am indian passport holder . Do i need any docunent like .bank balance statenent ect . What is yellow fever .

    • Zara Says

      Hi Gurpal,
      As far as we know, you do not need to present a bank balance statement to get a visa to Bolivia. But it’s already been 2 years since Ashray got his visa, so I suggest you check with your local consulate.
      Yellow Fever is a disease and, to enter some countries, you may need to have a certificate that proves that you have a vacination against it.
      All the best!


    Hi Ashray and Zara,

    Thank you for your helpful post about the Bolivian visa. Is a Yellow Fever vaccination certificate needed for entry into Bolivia?

    Happy Travels and Many Thanks

  • farooq Says

    V intresting info

  • Hey i m indian citizen…i want a plain to go bolivia as a tourist so which airport i will go in bolivia and tell me any special requirments for visa on arrival…

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