The cable car that took us up in Rio

Looking out over Rio

Rio de Janeiro is an incredibly beautiful city. It’s a city so full of life and culture that it’s easy to get lost amongst it’s winding roads, colorful alleys, and great beaches. There are little hills just rising out of the ocean and small patches of land connecting different areas of the peninsula. There’s a network of bridges that connects different parts of the city to ease traffic congestion. There are the world famous favelas (a Brazilian word for slum) that snake up the mountain sides from where you can sometimes hear gunshots at night.

It’s an incongruous but somewhat romantic mixture of high and low, good and bad, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly.

We took a trip to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar) that’s about 400m high and lets you get sweeping views around the beautiful city. Definitely worth the cable car ride up!

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  • Lovely scenery from top and the cable ride seems to make it more exciting, too.
    I bet Rio looks much romantic and magical at night.

  • Ahhhhhh dying of jealousy right now!! I’ll be there in 2016 – can’t wait!! :D

  • vikram Says

    Hi guys :)
    you guys are doing an awesome job with this blog, bravo!

    i searched about brazilian tourist visa for indians (staying in india), i couldn’t find, so i have few questions about this
    SITUATION-i am an indian and i stay in india, i am planning to apply tourist visa for brazil from india. Me and my fiance are planning to go to brazil for our honeymoon in march (last week), i am self employed, i have my own business

    1) On the brazilian embassy website it says, i need to show 6 months bank statement , so my question here is how much money do they expect (approx) to be there and and do they expect this money to be in the account consistently from past 6 months
    2) They dont mention anything about employment letter and IT return unlike many countries, do i just follow exactly this ?

    thanks a bunch in advance :)

    • Ashray Says

      Hi Vikram

      Congrats on the upcoming wedding! I don’t think the amount in the bank statement matters all that much if you’ve already shown booked flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc. If you have around 100-150USD per day according to the duration of your trip, that should be more than enough.

      If they don’t mention it, don’t provide it. Providing too much documentation makes you look suspicious. Just go by whatever they ask for and in any case, present your case honestly. Brazil is not a fussy country in general and they are friendly towards tourists.

      Even if they do ask for an employers letter you can always explain that you are self employed. It’s not all that uncommon in this day and age :)

  • Leena Says

    Hey there,
    I love your website! I love South America, Brazil in particular, I volunteered in Rio for ten weeks during the world cup last year and loved it! I then lived and worked in Paraguay for ten months. South America is beautiful but pretty big and it is not as easy to travel around compared to South East Asia – which is considerably cheaper :)

    Happy travels!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Leena,
      Glad to read that we share a passion for South America! ;)

      True.. people think that South America is cheap to travel around, but it really isn’t so. At least not in every country and certainly not compared to Central America, for example. Also, the flights can never compete with those in SEA.. but, all in all, it’s very worth it to explore this amazing part of the world!


  • Puneet Dhar Says

    Have you been to the Amazon rain forest? Manaus in particular – planning to go nest month for a short trip extension from Sao paulo

  • What an amazing blog post indeed.

    Travelling to Brazil is always on my bucket list and I hope to do it soon.

    This article will surely help me… Thanks a lot.

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