Cafe Coffee Day Emporio in Prague

Indian Pride – Cafe Coffee Day Emporio in Prague

Most people from countries with strong brands (USA, Japan, Germany, etc.) probably can’t relate to this (McDonalds, BMW, and Sony are everywhere!).

But as an Indian, when I travel abroad and see an Indian brand, it somehow fills me with irrational happiness. It doesn’t make any sense because I have nothing to do with these brands. But it just feels like something familiar in a far off land. It also feels good to know that Indian entrepreneurs and businesses are making a mark at the global level. (other examples are TATA, Bajaj and more recently –

This is how I felt when while walking in a mall in Prague, I came across Cafe Coffee Day Emporio. An upscale version of Cafe Coffee Day, which anyone who has been to India probably knows very well! They serve up a pretty great cup of coffee.

Cafe Coffee Day is an Indian coffee chain. They have coffee shops all over the country and now have some presence in Europe too! Awesome!

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  • Nichelle Says

    That’s great to hear! I am a Filipino and somehow it is also my pride hearing about successful Filipinos making their names across the globe. :)

  • Anita Catita Says

    ohhhhhhh… i have a real soft spot for CCD. It gave me a lot of air conditioned relief in Chennai and Mumbai. And no matter what a lot of people say, it’s at least as good as Starbucks and much cheaper.

  • Frank Says

    Hey guys! Been in Prague 3 months and been to some great cafes – but haven’t seen that one. Where is it?
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Zara Says

      Hi BBQBoy,
      This was inside a shopping mall, if I remember correctly it was the Shopping Center Novy Smichov (but I am not 100% sure). Let’s see if you find it! :)

  • I totally get this! I <3 Cafe Coffee Day, and if I saw one overseas, I think I'd need a moment to sit down to contain my excitement! Then of course I'd order a coffee :)

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