Chawri Bazar, Delhi

In Chawri Bazar

Chawri Bazar: most utilities one might need to purchase can be found here.

This iconic whole sale market in Old Delhi is a feast for the senses. For the eyes, you’ve got the crazy crowds passing by walking, in rickshaws, the animals, the vibrant colors of the clothing and the products being sold. For the nose, an intoxicating blend of urine and garbage mixed with the street food getting deep fried. For the ears, it’s like most of the rest of Delhi: there is no moment of silence, ever. For the mouth, there are the fruits and chaat (savory street food snacks) being sold along small paper cups of steaming chai. And for the touch, there is the dryness that accumulates on your skin when walking around this kind of place and even the occasional bumps with other people trying to make their way.

This is the kind of place no photo, video or description makes justice to. Only once you’re part of the crazy rhythm, you can feel the energy that I’m talking about.

You might love being here, or you might hate it. But you will not remain indifferent.

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