Perito Moreno glacier

Ice, Ice Baby!

Behold the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina!

Traveling in “the south of the world”, in both the Chilean and Argentinian sides of Patagonia, one comes across a tremendous amount of natural beauty. We even joked that we could just drive around and have our cameras clicking randomly through the car window, and chances are we’d end up with great photos anyway. Nature down there is that spectacular!

Amidst days of lush greenery, pampas, waterfalls, ice fields, water fronts, lakes and everything else Patagonia is well known for, Perito Moreno still managed to make us go WOW! This glacier is just one of the many in the region, but it’s rare that you get to be this close to something so wild. The ice goes on for more than 30Km in between the mountains, while covering about 250 km2. Right in front of us, the wall of ice goes as high as 600 meters. One wonders if John Snow would finally be intimidated!..

To give you an idea of how HUGE Perito Moreno is, note the boat in the image below – and keep in mind that this is a big ship with about 100 tourists inside:

A tourist boat near Perito Moreno Glacier

A tourist boat near Perito Moreno Glacier


Definitely worth the trip down to Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier is not the type of thing you get to see everyday!

Impressed? Check out this quick video we took there and let us know what you think!

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  • Anita Catita Says

    Oh wow! that’s all I can say!

  • It’s giant! I so wanna explore Patagonia =)

    • Zara Says

      Patagonia is stunning, Marta! Personally, I like the Chilean side even more than Argentina as it has a higher concentration of natural wonders. It’s definitely a trip worth doing at least once in a lifetime! :)

  • OMG that is MASSIVE!!! That boat is a speck in that picture!! How incredible… thank you as always for sharing your incredible experiences with us :)

  • That is amazingly beautiful! It doesn’t look that tall until you put it into perspective with the boat. My goodness!

  • Gail Essary Says

    Zara, Where is your starting off point for this? This is now my next big adventure….(due to this post!!) I’ve now searched for this area and trips to go there (I must find a tour to go). Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Zara Says

      Hi Gail!
      I will be writing more about our trip to Perito Moreno Glacier and Patagonia in general soon.
      But for now, just to let you know, it’s relatively easy to get there! The Glacier is inside a national park near the town of El Calafate in Southern Argentina. Calafate is the place where you’d overnight. You can check how to get there here:
      From El Calafate, there are tour buses going there or you can even rent a car.. it’s just about getting from point A to B, really, so choose whatever suits your timings/budget. And keep in mind that you can also visit by boat and take walks on ice in the glacier. There’s TONS of tour agencies in town… just shop around! :)

  • The nature’s beauty you described is just beautiful! This goes on my checklist for travel

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