La Casa Verde in Banos, Ecuador

Green dreams at eco-guesthouse La Casa Verde

When you travel long-term it is very important to every now and then settle in a place for a while and take a vacation from traveling. As silly as this might sound, sometimes you just feel like being at home. Not planning anything to see and not doing much more than enjoying the comfort of small things.

In Ecuador, we found this homey feeling at La Casa Verde, Banos, where we stayed for a week. This eco-guesthouse offers comfy accommodation with a keen eye on sustainability and environmental preservation.

Accommodation at La Casa Verde is spacious and comfortable. Do not expect luxury, this is not what this eco-guesthouse is all about – but be rest assured you’ll have what you need to rest well and spend a pleasant time. We came for a couple of days and stayed for a week. There must be a reason behind it…



Lie on your balcony’s hammock and read or just amaze yourself with the luscious surroundings and mountains that play hide and seek with the clouds. Have a foamy hot shower with home-made ecological soap. Fall asleep listening to the stream of the Pastaza river outside your window, as it travels towards the Amazon. And wake-up with the sound of birds to a hearty breakfast, including home-baked bread and jams.


But, what makes La Casa Verde different from any other good guesthouse?

Writing in our room at La Casa Verde

Writing in our room at La Casa Verde

The green side of things! Doug and Rebecca, aussie-kiwi couple, founders and owners of La Casa Verde, make a constant effort to offer hospitality services that are environmentally-friendly. These initiatives include recycling and separating all materials that enter this house (paper/metals/plastics/organic) and offering free purified water refills for guests to avoid the use of plastic bottles. If you ever traveled for even a week, you’ll know how many plastic bottles of water you’d be using and discarding in such a short time and I believe this is something ALL hotels and hostels, no matter what price range, should make available for free or at cost price.

This place makes you feel healthy! You breathe in fresh air in a friendly and laid-back atmosphere. Dinners are cooked on the spot and depending on what you order it might take a while, but this only means you are eating REAL food – which is also very tasty and fulfilling, by the way! In a place like this, who would be in a hurry?


La Casa Verde is all about having a positive impact on the environment while improving your well-being!

For details and bookings, contact La Casa Verde’s team through their website:


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  • Celia Says

    La Casa Berde looks so beautiful! I’m heading to Ecuador in about 2 weeks and am going to go to Banos. It looks like such a pleasant place! Delightful!

    • Zara Says

      Hey Celia! You should check it out when you go to Banos!
      The place is really nice and the surroundings are even better. Other guesthouses and hotels are mainly in the city centre, while this place really stands out!

  • Veronica Says

    I stayed at La Casa Verde after reading your review here. It is really a wonderful, peaceful and affordable place to stay. Oh and the breakfast is just excellent! It was such a pleasant surprise after some mediocre breakfasts I had in Quito. Definetely recommended place :)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Veronica!
      We’re glad our review of La Casa Verde came in handy and you got to experience this great place by yourself!! :)

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