Neon signs in Hong Kong

Get lost in HONG KONG!

If someone would ask me what my favorite thing to do in Hong Kong is, I’d probably reply “getting lost”.

The city is HUGE, but the different districts and neighborhoods are really distinct amongst themselves. You can either find yourself on top of the hill at the fancy Mid-Levels, or cross to the other side of the river and get lost in the maze that Kowloon’s streets often are.

For me, nothing says “perfect travel day” more than walking around without a specific plan. Just breathing in the vibes of the place and stopping here and there to sample the local street food. Sometimes you just have to forget that maps and GPS devices exit. Leave your hotel room with no predefined route… go get lost and, hopefully, found again. And Hong Kong is a perfect place to do this!

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  • Trish Says

    I wish you had more information about what Hong Kong had to offer. Your story was too short and too vague and disappointing read.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Trish!
      This post has been published under our “Photo of the Day” section. The aim is to simply share a photo and a couple of paragraphs to go along with it, as a sort of comment. It’s not a travel essay about Hong Kong, it’s just a snippet.

  • Sandro Says

    These are my thoughts exactly about Hong Kong, it’s best when you get off the beaten path and just wander through all the old condos and shopping districts there. Although the more you move away from the tourist areas the more language can become a barrier.

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