This might look like a regular family portrait, but for me, it’s much more than that.

Not only this wedding photo represents the union between two people who love each other (I guess that’s what all wedding photos do), it also shows how by mixing and matching we make the world a smaller and, therefore, warmer place.

Love beyond borders!

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  • Debjit Das Says

    You guys make a lovely couple. It’s been an incredible 12 hours for me. Came across your blog in you tube by accident and have been through all your videos and finally to this site where you have uploaded ur wedding snaps. Many congratulations :-)

    • Zara Says

      Hi Debjit!
      So great you came across Backpack ME!
      Thanks for your nice words and we hope you stick around to read about many more adventures to come! :)

  • Loïs Says

    The outfits look amazing ! Are you gonna keep this red dot or is it just for the ceremony ?

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