Exploring the Atacama desert with Grado 10, part 3/4: Cejar Lagoon

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Because we are hardcore kind of travelers (and you probably know that by know) on the same day as the Altiplanic Lagoons tour, we decided to go on an afternoon tour to Cejar Lagoon too.

Actually, it’s a good combination for the same day: if in the morning the tour is a bit more active and goes from place to place, the truth is that in the afternoon it is a totally chilled experience. Cejar Lagoon tour is for those people that like to end a day in style, sipping pisco sours while watching the sunset by the lake!

Ashray and the sunset

Ashray and the sunset


We got to meet a new Grado 10 guide during this activity: Tomas was the one introducing us to Cejar and Piedra Lagoons. They are both lagoons with extremely salty water, which makes you float without even trying, just like in the Dead Sea. Cejar Lagoon is protected but you can swim in Piedra. They say a tour to Cejar Lagoon is not complete unless you enter the water, and so that’s exactly what we did. They also say the water is cold in the surface but warmer underneath – don’t believe them! It’s freezing all over but the feeling of floating around like a ducky makes up for it – after a few seconds of shock and adjustment, that is.


And this is the proof of this almost pain followed by pleasure situation:


After the shock of swimming in such cold waters, Tomas sprayed us with sweet water to rinse away the salt – it can get rather itchy and uncomfortable otherwise, but the tour company thought about that and they are ready to assist you to make sure you enjoy the rest of the evening.

Our mighty overland, also enjoying as the sun goes down!

Our mighty overland, also enjoying as the sun goes down!


After a short walk around Cejar Lagoon by the end of the day, it was time to relax and appreciate the sun coming down beautifully over the lagoon. We enjoyed the natural charm of this place with a cocktail that was prepared by the water by Tomas and Luis, our team. Typically Chilean pisco sours, juice and a variety of snacks including dried fruits, olives and cheese. First class!

Our Brazilian friends, sipping Pisco sours...

Our Brazilian friends, sipping Pisco sours…


We ended the day in style after another excellent activity organized by Grado 10.

It sure was a full day and resting was all we had to do that night, to wake up at 4 AM the next morning to visit the Geysers at El Tatio (read more)!


More info and bookings:
Toconao 435-A
San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Cejar Lagoon tour (rate September 2012): CLP 15,000 / USD31

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