Street dog in Valdivia, Chile

Doggie on a Sunday afternoon

We were walking around Valdivia, in Chile, during a freezing Sunday afternoon when we saw this doggie.

He looked like he was lost, all alone, but maybe it was just that he knows his way around the hood too well and he is allowed to go for Sunday strolls and come back home on his own. And like any other inhabitant of the Southern region of Chile, he seemed to know well that he has to keep himself warm and protected from the harsh climate.

One of his paws was hurt, that’s why you can see him wearing a sock over it. But that’s the cool thing about this dog: that injury didn’t stop him from going out and enjoying his Sunday afternoon. And that’s what we all should do: take life as it comes, and still make the most out of everyday!


- This is another doggie we met on the same day! -

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