Peruvian dolls

Cute little Peruvian dolls

Today’s photo takes us high into the Andes in Peru. If you walk around the wonderful market in Pisac, a little town about one hour away from Cusco, you will see these amazing little dolls all over the place! They’re so beautifully crafted and colorful that you feel like getting every one of them! Andean attire is so colorful and yet keeps the people safe and warm . This is mostly due to a lot of layering and usage of really warm Alpaca wool.

High altitudes also result in flushed cheeks that add to the cute factor!

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  • Jamelia Says

    Aww!! Those dolls look so very cute! I have a trip planned to Peru next month! Can’t wait to head there! How was Pisac other than the shopping area ?

    • Zara Says

      Pisac is a really nice little town – good place to acclimatize before heading to nearby Cusco, as it’s not as high.
      The market happens on Sunday and, every other day of the week, you can visit the Inca ruins: you can either hike up the mountain (tough, but doable!) or hire a taxi to take you there. Really good stuff and not too crowded.

      Have a great time in Peru, and if you need more tips and ideas, check out our Peru section and do let us know if you have any questions! :)

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