Cactus at Charles Darwin Station in Galapagos Islands

Crazy Cactus

On the Galapagos Islands you get to see some really strange kinds of Cacti.

Over a hundred years ago Charles Darwin had spotted a giant Galapagos tortoise eating one of these.

I wonder how they avoided getting thorns in their mouths :O

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  • Wow what a great shot. That cactus looks ancient.

  • Dillon Says

    How fantastic! I envy you this trip, you’ll have a blast. My wife and I were just tanklig about wants and wishes for future travel and South America was discussed.I too think this is just what the doctor ordered. Have fun and think of us poor laboring masses occasionally.

    • Zara Says

      Hey Dillon! I hope your plans to visit South America with your wife do materialize and you guys start traveling soon! All the best! :)

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