Cormorant Beach House & Sierra Negra Expeditions in Galapagos

Cormorant Beach House & Sierra Negra Expeditions in Galapagos

During our stay in Isabela Island, Galapagos, Cormorant Beach House was our very own property at the beach.

This guesthouse has only 4 rooms and 1 family suite (there are plans for more in the future) and therefore the family atmosphere and personal approach are guaranteed. The owner, Jose, has lived in Isabela all his life and is happy to share with you details about the island, not only from a touristic point of view but also about what life is really like behind the scenes.

Twin room at Cormorant Beach House

Twin room at Cormorant Beach House

The place is simple and laid back. All rooms include a mini-fridge with complimentary water and there is a shared kitchen for guests to prepare their own meals if they wish to.

Cormorant Beach House’s location is extremely privileged. The moment you open the door of the house, you can dig your feet into the sand! And the sound of the waves is constant background music.

The plus of staying at Cormorant is that the owner also has a tours agency, right across the street. At Sierra Negra Tours & Expeditions you can book all sorts of activities in Isabela: volcano treks, snorkeling and scuba diving trips, tours (being the most popular The Tunels and Tintoreras) and get general info on how to get around to other attractions that you can visited on your own.



The rates offered by their tours agency are fair (truth is that this doesn’t vary much around town, unless you stay at a fancier hotel and book activities directly with them).

One could say Cormorant Beach House / Sierra Negra Tours & Expeditions is an ideal combination of lodging and activity planner, so you won’t need to waste your time shopping around.

The team also organizes all-inclusive options for travelers visiting Isabela, with special prices for accommodation + tours options. Get in touch with them for details!


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More info:
Cormorant Beach House (Tours)
Phone: (593) 052 529192
Avenida Antonio Gil y Calle Pinguinos
Puerto Villamil, Isabela, Galapagos – Ecuador

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  • Neilton Says

    I met Lonesome George three years ago on a University of Chicago/National Geographic tour. I loved the Galapagos and the dedication to pitrervaeson of the endemic species. It is an awe-inspiring place. The curiosity the animals have about people, versus fear, is amazing and scary at the same time when you realize how easy it would be to harm them. At one point, our trail was blocked by a sea lion who had just whelped her pup the placenta was still visible. She had no fear of us, no guarding nothing. We stepped around her and continued on our way. I worry about these animals and the damage we humans can do.The visit to the tortoises was amazing. I have some wonderful photos of Lonesome George and his ladies as well as of Diego and the others. I applaud the work of the GNP and continue to support them.

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