Sunset over the Bosphorus

Between Europe and Asia, in ISTANBUL

Ashray and I always say that we’re “East meets West”. Being in Istanbul right now, it feels like we’re finally in a city that matches our personality as a couple.

Not only the country of Turkey spans across two continents. The city of Istanbul too, is divided between Europe and Asia. A short ferry ride across the Bosphorus  strait can take you from one continent to the other. Borders are political and it’s truly a silly thing when you think about it, because when you leave Europe and reach Asia by ferry, you do not feel at all like you’re in a different place. Yet the city itself, on either side, does feel like a mix between several cultures and ways of life.

There is a vibe in Istanbul that I believe must be a product of those mixes from several sides of the world. They say Istanbul is a “crossroads of civilizations”. And all I can hope for right now, with the influx of people entering and just passing by, is that this spirit is kept alive.

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