Bangkok lifestyle

Bangkok Lifestyle

Anyone traveling to Thailand and reading about it beforehand, will come across articles that describe Bangkok as a chaotic city: the traffic, the smog, the hustle and bustle!..

There’s not doubt that Bangkok is extremely happening but, for us, coming straight from Delhi (India), it didn’t feel as crazy as it might seem to most visitors. Even when the traffic was completely still under the monsoon’s pouring rain, when wet people were zig-zaging past speedy tuk-tuks taking tourists around, it didn’t feel stressful. Compared to India at least, the chaos was somehow more organized.

There’s that intense fast-paced side of Bangkok, and then there’s the other one – the one you see in today’s photo.

We were walking to the entrance of our guesthouse right next to Surasak BTS. While on the main road everyone seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere, 1 minute towards the inside of this back alley, this man and dog where in a parallel reality.

Sometimes, it’s important to put your legs up, let your blood flow properly to your entire body and allow yourself to relax.

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  • oh man, Thailand is looking more and more appealing…

    • Zara Says

      Happy to read that!
      It should, as it is an amazing country to travel around for many reasons: rich culture, amazing cuisine, friendly people and beautiful landscapes (to name a few things).
      Come check it out for yourself sometime! VERY worth it!!

      • Zara Says

        And I forgot to mention (still very important): Incredible value for money. One of the best value for money places I have ever been too! Things are affordable and standards are high (for food, accommodation, etc)

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