Osorno from Puerto Varas

A view of Osorno

Chile is the land of volcanoes. The country is home to over 100 active volcanoes!

Osorno is a massive volcano that last erupted in 1869. The volcano is over 2500m high and its summit is always covered with snow! The conical shape makes it really interesting to look at and if you dare, there are some tours that take you climbing to the top!

This photo was taken from Puerto Varas.

Puerto Varas is a beautiful and rather touristic town situated on the banks of Lake Llanquihue. Llanquihue is the second largest lake in Chile and the views of a massive lake backed by an imposing volcano are definitely something to behold!

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  • How simply breathtaking! On a side note, was this anywhere near the volcanos that are currently erupting in Chile? If so, you are very lucky to have seen it when you did!

    • Zara Says

      Yes, this is really near that one. In fact, the city where this photo was taken (Puerto Varas) is now covered in a cloud of ash due to the other volcano erupting. Crazy to think that we were there exactly 2 months ago and everything was so tranquil!..

    • Ashray Says

      The volcano which erupted is actually right next to this one. We were very close to it during our trip. Chile is full of volcanoes though so any one of them can go off at any time!

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