Take a vacation from travel

A Vacation from Travel

Believe it or not, people who travel all the time like us, need vacations too!

Traveling doesn’t mean lying on the beach all day, sightseeing all the time and live worry-free like kids – I wish!

During the past few weeks we have spent a lot of time in Thailand (particularly in the Northern city of Chiang Mai). This country has been a great place to call home for a while. Here, we had time to travel around, catch up with work online and brainstorm on ideas for new projects in the future. We also had the opportunity to relax and take some “small vacations” to swim, take walks on the beach, read and enjoy the fresh air – this photo is a souvenir from those times in Phuket!

But our time in Thailand is now coming to an end. In 2 days, we’ll be in the country that has been high-up in my “bucket list” since before I even started traveling: VIETNAM!

You’ll hear from us next in Ho Chi Min City. In the meantime, if you’ve been to Vietnam and you have any tips or suggestions, do share them with us leaving a comment below!

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  • Hope you have the greatest time in Vietnam, that country is on my list too! Can’t wait to hear from you soon!
    See you!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks Gonzalo!
      We just got to Ho Chi Minh City tonight and it feels quite exciting – I bet our travels in this country will result in many posts, photos and nice videos! :)

  • Juan Says

    In Saigon there is a big community of digital nomads and entrepeneurs. Let me know if you are interested in meeting some, a good start is to spend some time working from SaigonHub (a quite cool co-working space).

    I am in Mui Ne, not too far. Email me if you are interested in coming this way!

    • Zara Says

      Thanks for the tips, Juan! We won’t be staying in Ho Chi Minh for long.. just traveling, not really “staying” around, working, etc. this time around.

      We’ll definitely get in touch if we head towards Mui Ne – our plans are still very open and we didn’t decide our journey as such yet, so you never know if we’ll end up there sometime soon! Cheers!

  • yay! vietnam! more yummy food!!!

    • Zara Says

      Exactly! :D
      We just came from dinner: an ultra fragrant chicken pho (noodle soup) and caramelized mushrooms and tofu with rice. AWESOME intro to the country!!

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