Where to Stay in California

Where to Stay in California

Thinking about California brings to mind Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Disneyland, road trips down Highway 101, and so much more. Even if you haven’t been to California before, chances are you know more than a thing or two about it.

Planning a trip around this famous American state doesn’t have to be hard, but it can certainly lead to feeling a little FOMO! You can maximize whatever time you may have to explore the Golden State if you focus on the things that interest you the most. California’s cities and regions can be quite distinct from one another. For instance, if movies and beaches are your thing, you’d be better off exploring Los Angeles and Southern California. But if you’re fascinated by the world of technology and startups, you must definitely base yourself in your pick of hotels around San Francisco so you can explore The Valley.


Get Your Tech On in San Francisco

Hanging out with a view towards Golden Gate Bridge

Hanging out with a view towards Golden Gate Bridge

Even though San Francisco is synonymous with entrepreneurship and opportunity, there’s much more to this Californian city than startups and apps. From an outdoorsy perspective, San Francisco seduces its visitors with its proximity to the ocean and the nature all around. The city is almost always covered in a thick layer of fog that adds a mystical touch to it, especially when the iconic Golden Gate Bridge makes for a postcard-perfect view.

As a big city, San Francisco is a wonder for travelers who appreciate urban exploration. Basing yourself in one of the many hotels in the center of San Francisco is best for taking advantage of the various neighborhoods. Head to Chinatown for an authentic Chinese meal, or go to the Mission District to get lost among streets where Spanish is the main language.

Castro may be famous for being a centre of LGBT culture, but no matter what your preferences are, this neighborhood is worth a visit if you want to know what partying hard looks like. Haight-Ashbury is the place to reminisce about the height of hippie culture, and from there, you can easily chill at Golden Gate Park.


Lose Yourself in the World of Disney at Anaheim

Paying a visit to Mickey Mouse's home!

Paying a visit to Mickey Mouse's home!

If losing yourself in a world of fantasy and wonder is what you are after, taking a trip to Disneyland must be on your California itinerary. After all, this is the original Disney park.

Thanks to Disney and neighboring attractions, Anaheim has an extensive range of hotels. Whether you’re looking to stay at a Disney hotel or somewhere downtown, you’ll always find good variety around here to suit your needs and budget.


Chill in San Diego

Mexican grub

Mexican grub

Located near the Mexican border, San Diego is California’s second-largest city. In addition to its vast range of hotels, San Diego is known for being a great spot to hit the beach and enjoy a relaxed vibe.

Folks into sports and outdoor activities will find a lot to keep them entertained around San Diego. If physical activity isn’t your thing, you’ll still be happy with the abundance of authentic Mexican grub you’ll find all over the city.


Indulge in Costa Mesa

Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa

Segerstrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa

If a genuine Californian vacation is something you’d like to experience, traveling to Costa Mesa may be a good idea. This is a prime area to explore if you’re interested in arts and entertainment, live music performances, and a little shopping.

Costa Mesa isn’t the type of destination where you’ll be running around checking items off your bucket list. Instead, you can allow yourself time to get pampered at one of the many fancy hotels or at a spa, take leisurely strolls in one of the many lush parks, or feed your artsy side at venues like Segerstrom Center for the Arts.


Wherever you decide to stay during your trip to California, we hope you have a great time!

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