Fundacion Victor Jarra, Santiago de Chile

Victor Jara, a Chilean Hero

Victor Jara was a chilean teacher, poet and musician. He was captured by the Chilean military forces in September 1973. His hands were crushed and ribs broken. After his hands had been crushed, he was mocked by the military to play the guitar for them. Later, he was killed by machine gun fire. He was a true hero and sang the song Venceremos (We will win) defiantly even after this capture.

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  • Oh wow what a gruesome story.

  • Giorgi Says

    Wonderful to see this here. For those of us who lived anywhere in Latin America thgroohuut the 1970s, the 9/11 date engraved on our consciousness is 9/11/73, Pinochet’s brutal devastation of the Allende years. Along with so much death (the imprisoned, the tortured, the missing, and those forced into lifetimes of exile), a subsidiary loss was art. The Allende years were known, among much else, for beautiful murals and a general flourishing of creativity in all genres. But what sustained so many during the long years of dictatorship was also art: the songs, poems, theater, and visual arts. This is where a people place their hope, waiting for the day when it may blossom again. Victor Jara’s Estadio Chile became a song sung thgroohuut the world. Art’s role in times of greatest despair as well as greatest joy is a constant reminder of how necessary it is.

    • Zara Says

      Thanks for your comment Giorgi!
      Art is a beautiful thing indeed and it’s amazing how it can convey emotions and help relieve in hard times!

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