Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

Vịnh Hạ Long

Best known as Hạ Long Bay, this is quite probably the most famous and touristic landmark in Vietnam.

Translating into “descending dragon bay”, this is a place where beautiful landscapes, myths, legends and village life-style come to meet.

There are about 2000 islands and islets in the bay, making boat trips and longer cruise journeys extremely popular amongst visitors. Joining on of those like we did, you’ll get to appreciate the erected limestone rocks, beaches, caves and floating villages. There are about 50,000 people floating in Ha Long Bay, that is, living. There are shops, schools and services like in any other town on firm land. All in perfect balance above water. We can only hope the dragon doesn’t descent again and shake the water too much!

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  • Anita Says

    What a beautiful place….

  • Franca Says

    It does sounds pretty cool I have to admit, we still have to get to Vietnam and many other SEA destinations we missed at the first round. I have to admit the boat trips from one island to the other are very appealing to me, I’ll keep Hạ Long Bay in mind for the future, who knows when we might end up in Vietnam?

  • Helen G. Dickerson Says

    Ha Long Bay is such a beautiful place to visit when in Vietnam. I love the magnificent water and the islands with different formation. Incredible nature!

  • Lily La Says

    I first visited Ha Long Bay in 2011, and was blown away by it. It’s so beautiful! There’s so many places to explore deep down in the bay, so I really wanted a few extra days there. Excuse to go back really.

    • Zara Says

      We only visited Halong Bay during a day trip.. but I can easily picture us going back for a longer cruise, as long as it is not in an over touristy area of the bay – the less boats on sight, the easier it’ll be to soak in the beautiful view!

  • I really enjoyed Halong Bay; it is quite surreal and exceptionally relaxing. Next time we are staying for a few nights on a boat there.

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