Travel to Ghana

Travel to Ghana

Have you ever wanted an African adventure…

… outside the safari park?


Then come to Ghana!


Ghana is known as the Black Star, or the hope of Africa. Located in the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ghana prides itself on being a politically stable, democratic country. It is ethnically and religiously diverse. And it’s English speaking, which makes life just a little easier.

Ghana’s history spans the great Ashanti Kingdom, through the horrors of the Slave Trade, to one of the fastest growing economies in the world today.

Lady with some MASSIVE snails in Ghana

A local delicacy: Giant West African snail


So while you won’t come to Ghana for big game safaris (although you can see elephants, baboons and monkeys amongst others in the national parks), Ghana gives back in spades. Come for the friendly people, awesome high life music, Kejitia Market in Kumasi (said to be the biggest market in West Africa with a mind blowing 20,000 stall holders).

A friendly Ghanaian man

An Ashanti chief


Explore the equatorial jungle at Kakum National Park, visit the Slave Forts along the infamous (but very beautiful) Gold Coast, meet a real life chief, and find a rich heritage of artisans: be it woodcarving, cloth weaving or basket making.

And if you’re really lucky, try and catch all the passion of a Black Stars football match!

The Cape Coast Castle, a slave fort along the infamous Gold Coast

The Cape Coast Castle, a slave fort along the infamous Gold Coast

Artisans at work!

Woodcarvers at work


A trip to Ghana lets you experience the heat, the dust, the rain, the mud, the dirt, the smells and the general chaos of African life at the Equator.


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Chris from Six Degrees North

Chris from Six Degrees North


By CHRIS GERAKITEYS, an Australian blogger currently living in Ghana, West Africa; where it is possible to sweat when cutting an avocado.

She blogs at


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