Travel #FAIL

We could spend hours talking about the awesome experiences that come with a life full of travel. We could talk about breathtakingly beautiful countries, stunning sunsets, exotic foods and wonderful people. But that wouldn’t be very realistic, would it?

When you travel all the time, just like with anything else in life, some things are bound to go wrong. That’s what we call Travel #FAIL! Disgusting places, events that took a wrong turn, people we’ve met on the road who are absolutely bananas… it’s all part of the experience!


Some of our best (in retrospect)

TRAVEL #FAIL moments:


Travel fail in Brazil


When our carnival celebrations landed us in hospital…


Travel fail in Cuba


When we lost $7 but sort of kept our pride


Travel fail in Mexico


When we spent the night at the Addams Family House (YIKES!)

When a cheap-ass motel taught us the meaning of poo aromatherapy


Travel fail in Oman


When we decided to drive +1000Km in one day and the police had to come and rescue us…


Travel fail in Spain


When we had testicle-flavored paella for dinner


Thailand travel fail


When we ate durian for the first time and learnt what it feels like to fart through your mouth (YUCK!)


Travel fail in the USA


When the Indian consulate treated us like sh*t and wouldn’t process Zara’s visa!



When a Turkish Airlines flight included stinky feet, monstruous snooring and rude service


What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (or more careful?)


And whatever doesn’t make us stronger…

at least becomes a fun travel story!

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