Eco-friendly Hotels in Playa del Carmen

Top 3 Eco-Friendly Hotels in Playa del Carmen

The ease of transportation and international number of travelers increases exponentially every year. No wonder serious questions are being raised regarding the impact travelers can have on the environment.

People travel to Playa del Carmen for its natural appeal, for the beauty of its Caribbean beaches, and for the renowned diving spots with abundant wildlife and nearby jungle. It would be silly to come to such a place to enjoy its natural wonders without caring about the negative mark we can leave.

There are several ways to reduce our carbon footprint while on holiday, without having to compromise on comfort and fun. Staying at a “green hotel” would be one of them. But what exactly are these type of establishments? Eco-friendly hotels tends to be small operations, very often family run, that are environmentally minded in everything they do. Their aim is to welcome guests offering the services a hotel normally would, but reducing the impact on the environment as much as possible.

Although the specific green actions taken by each hotel vary, popular eco approaches include the use of eco-friendly and sustainable furniture and linens. Washing up done with natural detergents and only as much as required or requested by the customer – you do really need new bed sheets everyday? Energy can be sourced from renewable energies like solar and, sometimes, wind. Recycling bins are placed in rooms and across the hotel for separation of waste, while disposable materials tend to be avoided.

Eco-friendly hotels do usually offer a healthier stay too, as food served tends to be organic, locally sourced, and in season. This way, you are also contributing to the local economy.

Here are some options of eco-friendly hotels around Playa del Carmen, combining the best of Mexican hospitality with environmentally responsible practices.



1. Alma Mia B&B Eco Friendly

Alma Mia Eco-friendly B&B in Playa del Carmen

Alma Mia Eco-friendly B&B in Playa del Carmen

This is a very clean family run guesthouse, with a tranquil atmosphere. There are only 4 simple rooms and each of them is decorated in an unique way, reflecting the eco spirit of the B&B. A good option for the budget conscious, it starts at USD 35/night, including a Continental or Italian style breakfast.


2. The Blue Pearl Suites

The Blue Pearl Suites in Playa del Carmen

The Blue Pearl Suites in Playa del Carmen

A charming little hotel with 8 suites, it prides itself in providing a personalized service. Blue Pearl is ideal for those seeking a “home away from home” feel, as all suites include an equipped kitchen. It’s really close to the beach, but if you feel like staying in, you’d be happy to know all suites have a private terrace with hot tub!


3. Jolie Jungle

Jolie Jungle Mayan Ecolodge

Jolie Jungle Mayan Ecolodge

This eco-lodge is not exactly in Playa del Carmen, but towards Puerto Morelos. Nestled inside a natural private reserve of 20 hectares, this is a place where you’ll get to relax in nature… quite literally. Pamper yourself at the on-site Temazcal – a therapeutic pre-hispanic bath with a massage or at the pool surrounded by tropical nature.


It is a great gift that we can move around the planet like we do these days. But great power comes with great responsibility.

Keep this in mind when choosing your lodging!


This article is part of the #HipmunkCityLove series.

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  • Erica Brooks Says

    Hey A&Z, your blog is a nice read. I love the way you are writing it. I am a big fan of everything Mexican. Have planned my trip to Cancun and would love to know of any eco-friendly hotels like these in the city. Using eco-friendly method even while traveling is the best we can do to repay our nature for the damage we are doing it. thanks for sharing these.

    • Zara Says

      Hi Erica,
      Cancun is full of mega resorts.. if you wish to stay in a simpler / less wasteful environment, we suggest looking for small hotels and B&B in the city center (away from the famous hotel strip). Enjoy your trip!

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