The Man with the Kinder Surprise

I took this photo a couple of days ago, when I went downstairs to walk to dog around Dwarka – this is the area we live in New Delhi.

This photo is a bit sad.

This man works at a small grocery store inside a building complex. I saw him from the main street and he looked like he was behind bars. I guess, in some extent, he is indeed trapped, even if metaphorically. But what really made me sentimental when I asked him to take his photo and he agreed with a soft head nod, was that at that moment, by coincidence, he was holding a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg. He was about to sell it to a little kid. Kinder Surprise eggs are synonym with excitement and fun. And with his melancholic look, he made me wonder how many of those joyful feelings he normally enjoys in life…

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