Dogs in Havana, Cuba

The Dogs of Havana

Meet the communist dogs of Havana. They have tons of character and like all Cubans, are used to dealing with adversity. The dogs of Havana are like dogs everywhere else, but they’re real comrades :)

(Click i for captions!)

This fellow was riding his sweet red ride. All he needed was a cigar.Time for my morning push-ups. YEAH! An athlete ready to take it to the next level!

I don't like this graffiti!

How are you doing Comrade ?

Hey there! Wanna come play some cards with us ? We got some good games going on!

Patiently waiting for his master at the shop door.

Curiosity killed the cat. Wonder what it did to the dog :)

Don't you see I'm working on my next big book ?! HOW DARE YOU!

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