Weskar Lodge, Puerto Natales

The best view in Puerto Natales at Weskar Patagonian Lodge

Weskar Lodge in Puerto Natales (Southern Chile) is probably the hotel with the best view in the entire region. Our room overlooked the snow capped peaks and the serene blue bay of Puerto Natales.

Stunning view from our room at the Weskar Lodge

Stunning view from our room at the Weskar Lodge


The hotel is situated about 10 minutes walk from the city center – they can also call you a cab which will cost $3 to take you in. This makes sure that you get to enjoy the pristine Patagonian beauty in all it’s peace and glory!

The rooms are very large and furnished tastefully. There’s a lot of woodwork in the hotel and this gives it a really warm feeling. Traveling in the Patagonia during winter this becomes extremely important. The in-room heating is excellent and the common lounge has a good fireplace that runs throughout the evening.

A window to the Patagonia

A window to the Patagonia


Where this hotel really stands out is in the quality of service. The staff speak very good English and Spanish, being friendly, helpful and polite. Rex, who served our dinner every night, was amazing! He catered to our every need and was really attentive making us feel truly welcome.

They usually serve a fixed menu for dinner with about 5-6 options and the food was absolutely delicious every time: fresh tasty ingredients, prepared in a balanced, healthy way! If you would like to have something that is not mentioned in the menu, they will be happy to accommodate your preference as they did with us, one of the nights when we just felt like eating something light, and so they made us some vegetarian sandwiches.

Dinner time, along with Chilean wine

Dinner time, along with Chilean wine


Breakfast consists of a buffet with a little bit of everything: fruits, breads, salami, ham, cheese, spreads, freshly brewed coffee, yogurt, eggs, sweets. The great thing is that, if you have an early tour, you can mention this the night before to make sure you’ll have breakfast ready at the time you’ll need it and not only everything will be ready for you, they will also make sure to wake you up for it if you’d like to, in case like me, you’re the sleep in type!



We’ve stayed in multiple 5 star properties around the world, but the cleaning service at the Weskar Lodge is impeccable! We would return to our rooms and they would be spotlessly clean and tidy! Fresh towels, clothes neatly folded and put aside and even our belongings arranged symmetrically on the table. Such great cleaning service is something rare to find, not to take for granted even in top hotels: Weskar Lodge delivers what a hotel its category should and goes beyond that, surprising you every day with the attentiveness of their service.

Sitting on top of a hill, Weskar has one of the most privileged locations on the region!

Sitting on top of a hill, Weskar has one of the most privileged locations on the region!


To complement a beautiful hotel experience, Weskar Lodge also offers outdoor hot tubs with hydro-massage. You basically relax in the boiling hot water while the air outside is freezing and gaze at the snow capped mountains in front of you. Picture perfect!

By the end, we were just sad that we stayed only 4 days at this wonderful place. We could’ve easily spent a week there!


The best view in Puerto Natales is surely here!


More info:
Weskar Lodge
Km. 05, Ruta 9 a Torres del Paine desde Natales, Casilla 35
Puerto Natales, Patagonia, 6160000, Chile
Phone: 56-61-414168 / 56-61-410839

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