The best soup in the world

The BEST soup in the world!

This year, we have eaten a lot of soup. Being in South-East Asia for about 3 months, we have tried soups in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. With rice, rice noodles, egg noodles, bean noodles, glass noodles, thick noodles… beef, chicken, seafood, pork or vegetables… spicy, sweet, sour or all of that mixed in at once! It is honestly difficult to get tired of soup in this part of the world, because more often than not, they are prepared not only to taste great but to also make your body feel good as you eaten them.

Vietnam has a long tradition of soup making, and that’s why many of us would have heard of the traditional Pho soup even before ever visiting the country. It was in Vietnam itself that we had one of the best soups we had ever tasted. It was, quite probably, the best soup in the world!

We had it for breakfast in the early morning, at a rice noodle factory (those noodles couldn’t be any fresher!) in the southern city of Can Tho. It was served with sliced pork, a variety of herbs and greens, a dash of chilli, a squeeze of lime juice and, to top it all up, a view towards the river as the sun was coming up.

Now THIS is what breakfast should always be like!

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  • Andrea Says

    I love me some Pho. It’s my cold weather comfort food dish. I like it with lots of chili oil and rare beef. SO GOOD! Best soup in the world, for sure. Hope you’re enjoying Vietnam!

    • Zara Says

      We’re back from Vietnam now, but we did have a great time over there, thanks!
      You’re right: pho is such a comforting dish for cold weather!

  • Anita Catita Says
    • Zara Says

      If you have about $1 you can easily get one of these in South East Asia.
      Best things in life don’t cost that much after all! :)

  • Lucas Gomes Says

    Hmmm agora até fiquei com água na boa ;)
    Durante este tempo tenho acompanhado este vosso blog e graças a vocês posso dizer que a minha cultura geral aumentou muito significativamente bem como o meu nível de desempenho na língua inglesa, idioma que pensei que nunca conseguiria dominar e muito menos perceber e falar fluentemente (até subi a minha média na escola na disciplina de Língua Inglesa, passei de um 14 para um 19, na escala de 0-20) e fico-vos muito gratos. Vou continuar a acompanhar as vossas aventuras e viagens.
    Um Feliz Natal e um bom 2014, e mais uma vez obrigado pela ajuda.
    Com os meus melhores cumprimentos,
    Lucas Gomes

    • Zara Says

      Ola Lucas,

      Que surpresa!
      Fico muito contente de saber que tens seguido o nosso blog e que ate te tem ajudado com a Lingua Inglesa!
      Agora ja podes deixar comentarios em Ingles e assim treinar ainda mais! ;)

      Feliz Natal e Bom Ano Novo para ti tambem!
      Espero que continues a ler e te mantenhas em contacto!

      Tudo de bom,

  • Agness Says

    Although I visited Vietnam over a year ago, I can still smell the street pho from Hanoi! Best soup ever. It reminds me a lot of Polish chicken soup, traditional one we usually consume on Sundays :).

    • Zara Says

      Pho ain’t easy to forget. So warm and comforting, so fragrant, so flavorful!..
      Every time you mention something about Polish cuisine I get very curious, as I have never had any Polish dish before. Gotta visit Poland sometime!!

  • Sorin Says

    never tried the famous thai soup, but for me, one of the best soup I ever had was in Zanzibar – the mango soup!

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