Jok - Rice soup with pork dumplings for breakfast

The best Jok ever!

No, that’s not a typo, I am not talking about a joke, although it is pronounced joke.

Jok is a comforting rice porridge that is a staple breakfast in many parts of Thailand. As a person who didn’t eat rice or rice derivatives for breakfast, the idea always struck me as strange. But it was love at first sight, or should I say, first SLURP!

The right Jok is slightly spicy. It has an incredible aroma from the fresh herbs that make up part of it. The pork dumplings (or any other protein of your choice) soak up the intense flavor too!

This amazing spread was our breaktfast at Littlest guesthouse in Bangkok. It’s an incredibly cute little guesthouse tucked between enormous skyscrapers – hence the name!

So I am a changed man. Rice soup for breakfast? Sign me up right away!

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  • I never thought I could handle rice at breakfast either, until I lived in Chennai and ate idlys! This looks really interesting though – must try it some time :)

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