Doll in Hong Kong

Take me with you!

We visited the Tian Tan Buddha (Big Buddha) in Hong Kong. When you visit this area on Lantau Island, you can take a walk down the Wisdom Path which has 38 scriptures etched on wood. Hong Kong is a pretty modern city but walking down this path through the forest you see some old sheds and as we were walking we saw this young lady. She was in a shed and was observing people passing by. Wonder how long she’s been there. Wonder why she chose the wisdom path to observe people.

Hong Kong’s been a lot in the news lately. Ever since Edward Snowden chose it as his first point of asylum. It’s a great place to visit as it really has such a blend of cultures. There’s the dominant free spirit and democratic way of thinking fused with traditional Chinese culture. They really exercise a surprising level of independence, looks like the Chinese are making good on their promise.

What’s really cool about Hong Kong is the fact that you walk around and you see ultra modern buildings, their metro system is ridiculously good, and when you come upon wet markets and other traditional Chinese markets – the contrast is just amazing!

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