Supersize Me on Route 66

Super Size ME

If you’re starving… head to the USA!

This country serves the most massive portions of food we’ve ever come across in 5 continents!

For instance, this “slice” of carrot cake! Served by a cowboy inspired diner in Route 66, Arizona, this thing would be enough to feed an entire family!

Travelling to the USA? Do not eat the week leading to it!!..

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  • but that´s two (massive) slices, isn’t it? right?? That can’t be just one… So what do people. Share one among three?, leave half of it uneaten, take it home in a doggie bag? What did you observe? (I’m strangely curious about this one)

    • Zara Says

      No! This is just one square slice and it was cut in front of us from a MASSIVE tray of cake. Both of us shared it and still had to pack 3/4s of it to have later but it ended up spoiling with the heat in the car…
      What do people do?! HAVE IT ALL! And sometimes as desert after an equally MASSIVE meal. This country is bananas when it comes to the size of food portions! Many days we share an entree and it’s just about the right amount for both of us!

    • Ashray Says

      We observed other portions in America that were of similar proportions ;D

  • Franca Says

    Is that a slice of carrot cake? Really? I thought was the whole cake… I’ve never seen portion so enormous! :)

  • Did you have the chance to order pancakes for breakfast? Not only does it usually come out as a huge pile of a dozen of them, but in the US the pancakes are also really thick and filling. Once you have eaten two of them with the sweet syrup, you really don’t know what to do with the rest…
    It seems really crazy, but that is apparently what you get in a country that lives by: only bigger is better… :)

    • Zara Says

      We had pancakes a few time, yes.. for breakfast and, by accumulation in our tummies, for lunch too! I remember the ones at the chain IHOP (International House of Pancakes) as being particularly heavy! They like it big indeed!

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