Super Modern Architecture in Amsterdam

It’s funny how most people associate Amsterdam with canals, old buildings and  charming little roads. Yet for me, aesthetically, what stands out the most in this city are the ultra modern buildings.

It’s interesting to observe how such futuristic looking buildings blend it perfectly with the older style constructions. This makes Amsterdam’s skyline stand out like no other I’ve seen before (at least in Europe). This is particularly noticeable by the water, near Amsterdam Noord, where this photo was taken.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What did you think of the architecture over there?

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  • i remember i loved Amsterdam Noord, and kept taking the ferry there. Aw, love Amsterdam…

  • Upasana Says

    Yep been there. Where is this? I wonder why didn’t I see it! Though I loved the old dutch style buildings in abundance.

    • Zara Says

      When you take the free ferry to Amsterdam Noord, departing from the Central train station, you’d see these buildings from the water. It’s a different vibe and architectural style than the one you’d typically appreciate in the historical centre of Amsterdam – quite a nice contrast, and it all blends in together quite smoothly too.

  • Amsterdam is amazing! A great mix of old and new that makes a trip worth its cost and time

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