Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai

Stunning temple in Chennai

Last year we took a trip to Chennai. Zara had to see the south of India and what better place to start than take a trip to Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. South Indian temples are very different from the ones in the North. Intricately decorated with stories from mythology, the colors stand out and the tales from Hindu history come alive!

This photo is from the Kapaleeswarar Temple in Chennai. We walked around the temple grounds and attended the evening prayer (Aarti), several people came in for the ritual. It was a noisy, colorful event!

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  • Anita Catita Says

    I was there!!!!

  • Himalayan Leisure Says

    Recently got back from India visiting some of the beautiful temples. Apart from cheating drivers and cheating guides everything was fantastic. Enjoyed most of my trip!

  • The Guy Says

    Nice picture of the artwork. A couple of months ago I was in Temple City aka Madurai which is not too far from Chennai. I visited the biggest temple there which was massive. These decorations on the four pillars are very colourful, creative and long lasting. It is stunning to know how old some of these temples are.

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