Gili Air beach

Shortly after sunset on Gili Air

Gili Air is a tiny Island off the coast of Lombok in Indonesia. It’s a beautiful little unsustainable chunk of paradise. The Island measures about a kilometer from end to end and has developed some huts, restaurants and other tourist facilities. There is no drinking water on the island and this gets shipped everyday via ferry from Lombok (it’s about 10 minutes away by boat..), therefore making it very unsustainable. We had pancakes made with salt water!

The island however offers wonderful snorkeling, soft white sandy beaches and amazing blue waters!

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  • Richard Says

    How was internet on the islands?

    • Ashray Says

      Internet on Gili Air was pretty hard to come by. There are a few restaurants that have wifi but it’s only good enough for checking email/doing basic stuff. Gili Trawangan does offer better internet access though, a few hotels with decent wifi. I was there over a year ago though and these things change fast so might be worth another look.

  • I would love to just lounge around the beach and wait for the moon and the stars to come by at night, sheer romantic, hopeless I may be. :)

  • Recomended Place which you must visited in Indonesia (exclude Bali) :
    1. West Papua – Raja Ampat Island’s, Cartenz Pyramid
    2. Flores Island (Three Colours Lake : Kelimutu)
    3. Komodo Island
    4. National waterpark Bunaken in Manado, Bantimurung Butterfly Park on Sulawesi, Toraja Land on southern Sulawesi, The Largest Palace and Castle on the world “Buton Island Castle”
    5. Wakatobi in North Moluccas
    6. Bandaneira Island in Moluccas
    7. Sumbawa Island (Tambora Mount and other’s amazing beach)
    8. Lombok Island (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air)
    9. East Java (Ijen Crater, Baluran National Park “Afrika de Java”, very much Mount “Semeru, Arjuno-Welirang, Argopuro, Lawu”, Green Beach, Sempu Island, Majapahit Kingdom site, etc)
    10. Central Java (Dieng Plateu, Borobudur temple, Prambanan Temple, Others mount)
    11. Yogyakarta “Never Ending Asia” (very much cultural atraction, temple’s, mount, beautifull beach, and historical site)
    12. West Java (Pangandaran beach, highland, Bandung historical city “Paris Van Java”, culture tourism, etc)
    13. Banten (Krakatoa mount, Badui cultural Village, Beach’s, etc)
    14. Kalimantan – Borneo : Derawan Island, Borneo Forest, very much beach and virgin island)
    15. Bangka Belitong (Beautifull beach)
    16. Padang – West Sumatra (Cultural Village, mount’s, and beach’s, Nias Island, Mentawai “Tatto” Island)
    18. Aceh – (Island, beach’s and mount’s, Gayo Coffee, etc)

    • Zara Says

      WOW – that’s quite a comprehensive list!
      Thanks a lot for taking the time to send all your suggestions across – we will definitely come back and read them agin whenever we go back to Indonesia! :)

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