Nyepi: day of silence in Bali

Shhhhh… It’s Nyepi!

When we visited Bali in 2010 we had to stay inside our hotel for 24 hours one of the days. All our windows were blacked out, we couldn’t make any noise or go around outdoors. On this day there were no flights in or out of the island and no one, absolutely no one, was out and about.

This was the day we learnt what Nyepi is. The Balinese “Day of Silence” is a day reserved for self-reflection, meditation and silence. Nothing should disturb that possibility of personal introspection for oneself or others.

Nyepi has its origins in Hinduism but it is mostly celebrated in Bali, by Hindus and others that should respect this day that is taken very seriously. During the days previous to the journey of silence, Balinese people perform different rituals at the beach, that lead to the highlight that is Nyepi.

On Nyepi, no matter where you come from, you will be in silence and in low light.

And you will think about life…


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  • i think it’s great idea to have a day where you just sit in the dark and think/pray/meditate/snooze. I wouldn’t mind having one of those.

    • Ashray Says

      I was actually just telling Zara that we should have a “No electronic communications day”. Just a day where we stop using our cellphones, computers, etc. and talk to the real people around us! I know that I need it! :D

  • We went to the parade the night before in Legian and then went back to our hostel. There were 50 people in our hostel and the day before we stocked up at the Bintang market with loads of beer and drinks. Ha. We had the hugest quiet party. Our hostel had a pool and a rooftop bar set back so we were fine. We did get a couple warnings from the Nyepi street guards but we were fine. The Balinese staff were quite nervous but we promised we would be quiet. It was amazing fun!

  • Ivana Says

    I would love this day? Do you remember which day it was? Heading to Bali now, would be lovely to experience it!!!

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