Salchipapas in Peru


Salchipapas are a favorite amongst most Peruvians and we’ve even seen them being devoured with great amounts of passion in Ecuador. What are they? A generous serving of fries topped off with some sausage slices and then doused in ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard.

Do not try this at home.. unless your home is in South America. This dish does not taste the same anywhere outside South America. Why is that? Well, potatoes originated in South America. This is their native habitat. As such, for reasons unknown, potatoes grown in other parts of the world just don’t taste as good. South American potatoes seem to have a more robust filling of starch in them.

The incredible taste of these fries makes such a simple and somewhat disgusting (to me) sounding dish taste quite good! You haven’t been to Peru if you haven’t spent a guilty evening with some Salchipapas!

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