Zara, Ashray and Bee on the road to the Grand Canyon

Riding along the Arizona hills

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was surprising! We spent a few days at Flagstaff, a beautiful little city in the Coconino county up in the Colorado Plateau. We were amazed on our drive from Las Vegas to Flagstaff because the scenery changes so much! From the dry and arid Route 66, you ascend towards the mountains until you’re in the middle of lush pine forests. It’s really different as you gain altitude!

On our drive to the Grand Canyon, we went through the pine forest and eventually ended up in this place. Behind is Arizona’s highest mountain – Humphreys Peak. Flagstaff always has great views of this mountain looming up behind the quaint little houses and malls in the city. During winter there are some great skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

We just had to stop and take a picture!

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