Street food Chile

Ricas Sopaipillas

Chile is not a major street food destination. Still, in Santiago, there are vendors who specialize in a few local treats.

Sopapillas, the round fritters in the photo above, are one of the most popular Chilean snacks. They consist on soft bread-like dough mixed with a little pumpkin (hence the yellowish color), which is deep-fried and served hot. This might sound a little dull, but when you add to your sopaipilla the array of toppings available, things change. Apart from plain ‘ol ketchup and mustard, the focus goes to local sauces such as pebre (a typical Chilean mix of tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs) and aji amarillo (that is, yellow chilli sauce… and muchas gracias Peru for this delicious import!)

For under USD 0.20 a piece, a warm sopaipilla sure does the trick on a cold day outside!

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