Peeled and cooled onions at the supermarket in Ecuador

Peeled Onions – A wonderful idea!

Onions in Ecuador are something else! Every supermarket has them peeled and refrigerated! For onion sufferers world wide, it’s a well known fact that if you want to cry less, you should cool your onions in the fridge for a bit.

In Ecuador the supermarkets have recognized this global problem and responded with their onion-peeling-and-cooling strategy! What’s even better is that it looks great :)

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  • Ecuador – leading the way in all onion related issues! :P Love these posts where you talk about the little quirks in different countries..

    • Zara Says

      I am sorry but if someone leads the way when it comes to onion related issues in this World, that’s gotta be India. C’mon… the government almost came down when the price of onions raised a couple years back!!! Now THAT is taking your onions seriously!! ;)

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