Ahead lies the Caribbean in Tulum

No edit – Ahead lies the Caribbean

These days, it’s often hard to understand what things really look like. Colors are adjusted, filters are added, and things are clone stamped out, amongst various other atrocities. (and yes, we are guilty of that too!) Photos look instagrammed and over saturated more often than not.

But it’s time for some honesty. This shot was taken while walking around the historic ruins at Tulum in Mexico. What you see is the Caribbean – on a cloudy day – without any color correction or editing of any sort. It really is that blue, and it really is even more blue on a sunny day!

Sometimes we just want to be honest with pictures. It’s not that hard. The world is pretty amazing!

From here on out, every photo of the day will be pure unadulterated joy. No edits, no filters, no funny business. That’s a promise. We don’t edit photos all that much anyway, but I personally think photos on the internet are in dire need of some honesty, and we’re here to provide it.

So come back tomorrow for more honest photos and see how beautiful the world truly is!

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