Kids playing in the rain in Delhi

Monsoon Season has arrived in DELHI

Monsoon season has started!

Today, it rained elephants and tigers here in Delhi. And what joy the rain has brought with it!

While in other parts of the world (like where I come from) we might associate the rain with winter and cold weather, in India it is not like that at all. The rainy season happens during the peak of Summer. It cools things off, while it washes away the dust that normally covers most things around here. And the air becomes fresher than the usual.

This is also the time for kids to party outdoors, just like if they were spending an afternoon at the pool. They strip down, jump in the puddles and have all sorts of silly fun – like this video will show you!

Like Bob Marley once said, “Some feel the rain. Others just get wet.

Here in Delhi, we’re not just getting wet!

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