Tostadas con huevos matulenos

Mexican Breakfast

If you don’t like corn, do not come to Mexico!


Or do come, but bring your own food!… Jokes aside, Mexicans do love corn and their diet is heavilly based around it. “Tortillas” is their flat bread made out of corn dough and it’s a staple side in all main meals and necessary for all snacks (tacos, quesadillas…), even for breakfast.

In Mexico, if you ask for “tostadas” (which translates into “toast”) you are likely to get toasted tortillas, not bread. If you want bread, ask for “pan tostado”.

At Mama`s Home Hostel in Tulum we had our first Mexican-style breakfast that was meant to keep us fed for a big part of the day. 3 big golden tostadas with a layer of mashed black beans, which served as bedding for diced boiled egg and raw tomatoes, sprinkled with cheese, sour cream and, of course, some hot sauce! Some people call this kind of preparation “huevos matulenos” although I heard a Mexican girl saying that for that it should include ham.

Desayuno mexicano

Desayuno Mexicano / Mexican breakfast


This Mexican breakfast is not your typical coffee-on-the-go corporate breakfast a lot of people have around the Western world!

At the end of the day, you do need the energy to explore all the great sights Mexico has to offer!

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