Fresh fruit sorbet in Merida

Merida’s kingsize ice-cream!

We shall always remember Merida (in Yucatan, Mexico) if, for anything else, at least for the huge ice-cream we had in Paseo Montejo!

This was somehow a fancy spot, as we could see customers were mainly tourists (we did end up here thanks to Wikitravel, after all!) and well-off Mexican families.

This sorbeteria (which name I don’t remember, but if you are walking along Paseo Montejo is quite probable that you come across it) served one of the fruitiest sorbets I have ever tasted. What was even better than the real fruit flavour and chunks on it, was the variety of flavours, including so many exotic fruits.

Not knowing which one to choose, I asked the waiter to recommend me “something exotic“. To what he replied: “exotic for you… or for me?“, because obviously this is a subjective thing if we are from different sides of the world. We ended up having something “exotic” for me, but a bit more common for Mexicans or even Ashray, being from India: guava and sapota.

They served a huge glass of ice-cream (maybe not that huge for USA standards) but, being sorbet and not really ice-cream (no dairy) it was not an overload. On the contrary, this sorbet carries a fruity, strongly scented flavor that will make you feel so fresh!

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  • Alexa Says

    Sorbetería Colón, has been around for 100+ years :)
    Is very popular among locals and of course every tourist should visit.

    *I’m from Mérida, living in Chile, got to your website trough Parth S. from India (and a recent facebook post)

    • Zara Says

      What a small world!! :D
      We’re going back to Chile in January… maybe we’ll have the chance to meet.
      By the way, Santiago’s ice-cream scene is pretty awesome too.. have you tried Emporio La Rosa?! So yummy!

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