Lagos de Montebello, Mexico

Luis Miguel: the 7 year old guide to the caves in Mexico

Luis Miguel lives around Lagos de Montebello in Chiapas, and we found him in the street offering his services as a guide to some cave.

One comes to this location to see the lakes, take a boat ride and walk around. There is no mention to such cave in the guide books and the only board that we see with the word “cave” written on it and hanging on a tree looks as if it was drawn by this kid himself.

Luis Miguel is the persistent type. “A guide for the caves?” is his tag line and he approaches people repeating this exact same words at least 10 times in a row – only some where captured in this video, but before we were recording, he was already on auto-pilot mode for a few minutes.

When asked about school, Luis Miguel mentioned it’s Christmas Holidays but, otherwise, he would be in school, and not showing people around the caves. Good boy!


Just thought we would share this, in case you need a guide for the caves sometime!…

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