Paella at Les Quinze Nits

Les Quinze Nits in Barcelona (URGH!)

Unless you have a special fetiche for ball-scratching voyeurism while dining…


I would recommend against this restaurant!


Les Quinze Nits is placed very close to Las Ramblas in Barcelona: in such a touristic site you don’t need to try very hard to have a crowd, so I guess you can just relax to the point of scratching your balls and yawning in front of your costumers, as if you where laying in your couch at home!!

Service was careless and rude: they brought the food at odd timings and didn’t bother to clear our empty appetizers plate when they brought our paella, which was the main course. I’m not even asking for a smile or polite words, but at least do acknowledge there are people sitting at the table you are placing the food at. We ain’t cattle, you know?!

You are not doing us a favor, we are actually paying for this…

WATCH OUT! Don't let this guy anywhere close to your food!
WATCH OUT! Don’t let this guy anywhere close to your food!


Clumsy me chose the worst place to spill a whole glass of sangria over the table and myself. You see the “gentleman” in the photo above? Well, he was there just watching people passing by along with other 3 employees and NO ONE cared to help me cleaning the table or myself, or asked if we needed a replacement drink or a fresh napkin. The guys were checking out some of the female customers passing by as they would stand up form their tables – and making “Hmm, hot! Ain’t she?!” faces at each other. It must be so much fun working in this restaurant!! At this point I started thinking they were all under the influence of some drug that slows your metabolism or something.

In the meantime, the girl from Chicago sitting on the table besides us got her bill and said “Is this already including tip? Oh wow… Spanish people are GENUINELY nice!Oh, get a life! Sometimes I really get the feeling USA tourists spoil it for us travelers from other parts of the world. I hate this tipping obligation: just include the costs in the bill already and, if your waiter doesn’t scratch his balls too much, then consider a little extra.

But wait… this was just before the guy depicted above started scratching his balls like there was no tomorrow… AGAIN! What do you have in there that itches so much, dude?! This was all colorfully accompanied with the sounds of his loud bear-like yawns! I guess this restaurant should advertise “live background music”. Honestly!!…


Needless to say, we didn’t tip!


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