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Introducing the TRAVEL BLOG SEARCH

We are travel bloggers but, before that, we are travelers. Researching new destinations, making travel plans and reading different publications in order to feed our wanderlust is something we’ve been interested in for a long while.

There are many guides, magazines, books and even websites out there sharing practical information or inspiration. But when it comes to travel stories written by real people, we feel that it is not always easy to find material that one could really be interested in. There is so much great stuff out there but the internet is wide and wild… how to get to the things that really matter to you?!

That was what inspired us to create the TBTX. The Travel Blog Traffic Exchange is a collection of some of the best travel blogs on the internet, showcased every week here on Backpack ME. The aim is for our readers to find new blogs they may be interested in, while at the same time having other bloggers’ followers come to check out our site and the content of other blogs in this network.

Are you a travel blogger? Apply to be a part of the TBTX now!

Are you a travel blogger? Apply to be a part of the TBTX now!


To take the TBTX further, we developed the Travel Blog Search. Using this straightforward engine, you may search for specific travel information, while results are retrieved from travel blogs only. Only TBTX member blogs are included- that is more than 100 pre-approved travel blogs, and the list keeps on growing!

Backpack ME’s Travel Blog Search works just like Google, entering key-words related to what you’d like to find, but the results are not generic and boring. Instead, we pull results from all the travel blogs that are currently a part of the TBTX. And that way, readers can find posts written by “real world” travelers, focusing on experiences that are easier to relate to and, as such, tend to be more inspiring.


Say, for instance, that you are traveling to Paris and would like to learn more about possible activities to do there. If you google “things to do paris”, this is what you get:

Google results using keywords "things to do paris"

Google results using keywords "things to do paris"


While the results are not bad, one has to agree that they are too common. If instead you search using the Travel Blog Search, you may find things that are easier to relate too, less broad. And by identifying the blogger’s style and what you may or may not have in common, you’d know easier if the suggested activities are something you’d like to do yourself or not:

Some of the "things to do paris" results using the Travel Blog Search

Some of the "things to do paris" results using the Travel Blog Search


Try the Travel Blog Search now and see for yourself!


Our customized Travel Blog Search brings you quality results. You will see real tips, suggestions, and experiences from real people (just like us!) who know what they are talking about. Big publications often share information about destinations even when the writers haven’t traveled there. This does not happen with blogs – we are travelers who go check out what’s going on and we get our kicks from sharing it all with you!

So if you’re tired of generic results every time you search for something travel related, we think the Travel Blog Search is going to be right up your alley!


So now you know how awesome the Travel Blog Search is!

Would you use it to research your next trip?


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