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India: it’s electrifying!

After a 6 week interlude in Lisboa, we’re back in India!

It’s funny how frequent mobility has made us used to all sorts of cities and daily routines. When we reached Portugal, I felt the streets were rather empty… where was everyone? I wondered… Lisbon was not different as such, it’s just that in the meantime I was too used to the madness that India often is.

Now we’re back in Delhi and those things that make this city so desi (that is, so Indian) are obviously still around! The crowds seems bigger than ever, the food spicier (restaurants do add more chili when the weather is cooler), the colors are as bright as always. Even the electricity cables have their own personality (if you don’t believe me, check out this other photo taken in Old Delhi!)

This place is full of life – it’s impossible to stay indifferent to Incredible India!

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  • Mariya Says

    I had the same feeling that the streets were strangely empty when we got to my home country, Bulgaria, after 5 month in South East Asia. It’s eerie.

  • Have to agree with you, when we get back to Australia from wherever it is not nearly as frenetic as Asia or indeed Europe. Much as we like our laid back lifestyle I do love a bit of noise and colour though not sure about the cables. Many times in Asia we have pondered the occupational health and safety as we watch workmen in thongs climb up ladders held together with string. Still it seems to work.

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