USA visa for Indians

How I got my US visa and the characters I encountered!

This post is about my experience applying for a US visa. Well, to begin with, I have to say that I got my US visa in 2009, so some of the things I mention here may be outdated.

I was living in Dubai when I applied for a US visa, however, since I was a student in Dubai and was on summer vacations in India, I decided to apply for the visa while I was in India. Furthermore, the US embassy in India works on the basis of jurisdiction, so some people have to apply in Chennai, some in Mumbai, and others in New Delhi. At the time my address was in Coimbatore so I should have applied in Chennai. However, since I was going to spend a few days in New Delhi I emailed the embassy and asked them if I could do my visa interview in New Delhi. They replied saying that this would be fine. So, I filled up the online application and scheduled an appointment.

On my application I said that I would be going to the US sometime later in the year and answered every question HONESTLY. (this is important) It doesn’t matter if your answer doesn’t ‘sound right’ or doesn’t fit with ‘what they might expect’. Make sure you are honest in all your answers and you should be fine. For example, many people might say that you must appear for your interview in your jurisdiction. I emailed them and asked if I could do the interview in New Delhi, honestly explaining my reasons (that I would be flying back to Dubai shortly after so I wouldn’t have time to go to Chennai) and they were fine with that. The US embassy is able to handle slightly complicated requests.

I printed out all sorts of documents such as address proof, student visa copies, prior visa copies, my father’s bank statement, my mark-sheets from college, and more! I had been told that the US visa is VERY HARD TO GET! I had heard that several of my friend’s had been rejected! Armed with this huge file I arrived in New Delhi ready for my interview a few days later.

USA Embassy in New Delhi

USA Embassy in New Delhi


The day of the interview arrived and the guidelines clearly state that you should not arrive at the embassy more than 15 minutes prior to your interview time. (they won’t let you in..) So I arrived at 2.15PM (my interview was at 2.30PM). Sure enough, there were several people hanging out outside the embassy because their interview was scheduled for later. I went through security (no phones allowed) and then went in.

People waiting for visa at the consular section of the US embassy, in New Delhi. Photo: AP

People waiting for visa at the consular section of the US embassy, in New Delhi. Photo: AP


Here I was in a room with several seats lined up and several people quietly sitting and waiting for their turn. The seats were facing a wall and the wall was lined with several sections with thick glass windows. Each section had an interview officer. The US visa interviews are carried out in FRONT OF EVERYONE! Initially I thought this was quite a public way of conducting interviews but then I got lost in the fun. Fun? Yes!

You have to hear the stories that people come up with!


(I have taken the liberty to spell words phonetically as they were pronounced by interviewees, for the sake of authenticity of course)


I want to go to America!

I want to go to America!

Interview officer to a group of three ladies (mum and two daughters):

Officer: Good afternoon Ma’am. What is the purpose of your travel to the United States ?
Mum: I go there for a wadding of my brother.
Officer: I see, and this person that is getting married is related to you how ?
Mum: He is my mother’s sister’s sister’s son.
Officer: So.. are you first cousins or second cousins ?
Officer: I see. And how do you propose to finance this trip ?
Mum to daughters (whispering): Ab mein kya kahoon iske bare mein ?
(Now, what should I say about this ?)
Officer: Ma’am, aap ko jo bhi kehna hai mujhse kaho!
(Whatever you want to say, please say it to me..)
Mum: My husband will pay.
Officer: I see, but here you say your husband is a government employee and he earns Rs. 3 Lakhs per year. Just the flight tickets for the three of you will cost 3 Lakhs.
(3 Lakhs is about $5000)
Mum: We have some propetee.
Officer: And what will you do with this property ?
Mum: We will SALL it and that way we can pay for the trip.
Officer: Ma’am, you will sell your house to pay for a trip to the US to attend your second cousin’s wedding ?
Mum: Yes.
Officer: I’m sorry ma’am, I do not believe your application is genuine. I will have to decline your visa request.

The interview officers speak pretty good Hindi. As such they can understand whatever you discuss in front of them!


Indian businessman wants to go to America!

Indian businessman wants to go to America!

So another interview. This time a shifty guy with a big potbelly walks up to the glass.

Officer: Good afternoon Sir.
Potbelly Guy: Hello Hallo!
Officer: How are you today sir ?
Potbelly Guy: Good, good!
Officer: So, sir, what is the purpose of your visit to the US ?
Potbelly Guy: I go to U ASS and do bijness.
Officer: What kind of business ?
Potbelly Guy: I run real estate bijness so I would like to see how real estate bijness in U ASS works.
Officer: I see sir. And how will you pay for your trip ?
Potbelly Guy (shifting his weight from one foot to another..): I will pay with my savings.
Officer: How much is your yearly income ?
Potbelly Guy: (no response.. quietly shifting his weight
Officer: Sir, how much is your income ?
Potbelly Guy: Well, sir.. income is a lot.
Officer: How much ?
Potbelly Guy: Actually sir, income is very HEAVY!
Officer: Sir, I need you to give me a number, some sort of estimate.
Potbelly Guy: Around 5-10 lakh Rupees per week.
(this is about $20,000 per WEEK!)
Officer: I see, do you have any bank statements or tax documents to prove this ?
Potbelly Guy: No, not really, most transactions in cash but genuine!
Officer: I’m sorry sir, but unless you can prove a documented source of income I won’t be able to grant your visa.

At this point I noticed that they give you a booklet with details as to why you may have been rejected and how you can improve your application in the future.

Officer: Sir, please take this booklet and refer to it for any future visa applications you may make.


I want to go to US and learn how to make envelopes!

I want to go to US and learn how to make envelopes!

Next interviewee was a short sardarji (a sikh) with a big red turban! He looked like he had dressed nicely for the interview. There were several people who had worn suits and showed up! I felt quite under dressed in my shorts and tee shirt. Why, they might just reject me for looking careless!

Officer: Hello, sir! What is your reason for wanting to visit the United States ?
Sardarji: Ecktually, I want to go there to expand my business!
Officer: And what business is that ?
Sardarji: Well, I make paper here in India. I want to go to US and learn how to make envelope.
Officer (confused): I’m sorry, you want to go to the US to learn how to manufacture envelopes?
Sardarji: Yes
Officer: And who will you be learning this from ?
Sardarji: I have some contacts.
Officer: Do you have any invitations from these businesses ?
Sardarji: No, I’ll call them when I’m there.
Officer: I’m sorry sir, your reason to go to the US does not sound genuine. I am sure India manufactures very good envelopes and unless you can present specific needs and an invitation I am unable to approve your visa.

By now my hands were clammy and I was feeling like this guy is going to grill me. I didn’t have enough money in the bank (I was a student, supposed to travel with my parents), I lived in Dubai and my address in India was in Coimbatore and I was supposed to apply in Chennai but I was applying in New Delhi. Surely that looked suspicious! All these people around me had dressed to impress and here I was looking like a ruffian. My chances were below zero.


But that’s when my turn came up.

Officer (with a smile): Hi sir, how are you doing today ?
Me (phew! okay he’s smiling): I’m good! How are you ?
Officer: Having a great day! So, what have we here.. ?
(flipping through my passport looking at visas and stamps..)
Officer: So, what do you do in Dubai ? (there were several visas and stamps)
Me: I’m a university student.
Officer: What do you study ?
Me: Engineering.
Officer: What kind ?
Me: Electronics and Instrumentation.
Officer: I see, nice.. (continues flipping..) Which year are you in ?
Me: I’m in my 3rd year. Got another year left.
Officer (showing me a page in my passport with a Chinese Visa): And what were you doing in CHINA ?
Me: I went for a two week trip with my mom to Beijing and Shanghai.
Officer: I see.. (continues flipping through pages) and what were you doing in TURKEY ?
Me: It was my parents wedding anniversary so we went on a trip together.
Officer: I see, and when are you going to the US ?
Me: Sometime later this year, probably in November.
Officer: Who are you going with ?
Me: My parents.
Officer: How come your parents are not applying for visas ?
Me: My parents already have 10 year visas. They went to the US back in 2007.
Officer: What did they go there for ?
Me: Well, my dad’s a pilot and he went there for training on some aircraft. My mom then joined him there later for a short holiday.
Officer: I see.. you know what.. I’m going to approve your application.
Me: Oh, great!
Officer: Alright, have a good day and a great trip!
Me: Thanks!

And that was it. I had this HUGE file with all these documents. He didn’t ask for a single one. I left the scary interview area and went out. I had skipped lunch and it was already around 4PM. Grabbed a subway sandwich.

My passport was ready the next day with the stamped US visa. Yay!

Ashray in New York City

Ashray in New York City


I didn’t end up visiting the US until 2012 because my parent’s plan didn’t come through. But, in 2011 and early 2012 I ended up using my US visa to enter Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and in 2010, Turkey! All these countries – and a few more – give Indians visa on arrival if you have a valid US visa.

For a person who travels a lot on an Indian passport, a US visa can come in pretty handy. Apart from the fact that you can visit the US multiple times in the next 10 years (and it is definitely worth visiting!) you can get into several countries with visa on arrival. Some of these are: Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and other Central American countries, Turkey, Taiwan, and a few more.

Of course, it’s easier to get the visa if all your documents are in order and you have some history of international travel. Another thing you should be able to demonstrate is a strong reason to return (in my case I was enrolled in a University and was in the 3rd year of a 4 year course..).

So that was my US visa experience!

In retrospect, it was one of the simplest (and most entertaining!) visa experiences I had.

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  • Agness Says

    Guys, you have no idea how difficult it is for Poles to obtain tourist visa to travel to the U.S.A. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible when you are a young single freelancer. That really sucks :(.

  • NZ Muse Says

    Holy crap, I was dying laughing as I read this!!!

    We’re lucky as NZers we don’t have to go through this process, but what an adventure…

  • It seems like it was pretty obvious you could tell who was being honest and who wasn’t… glad you were able to get it. You have no idea how hard it is for Costa Ricans to get visas…it’s just a joke. I know people who were rejected and weren’t able to go their family member’s funerals. :(

  • jill Says

    As an Indonesian passport holder, I hear you. My family and I have gone through this process many times. Thankfully none of us ever got rejected, but man… the dramas in that interview room could get pretty intense with people bursting into tears every now and then. So intense.

  • As a U.S. citizen, I have always wondered about the visa process to come in but never could find solid information. Never realized it was such a hassle! Glad you got it no problems! I think the biggest thing is just as you stated… just have to be honest.

  • Rakesh Says

    I read few pages on your website. I liked all of them. Thank you much for clearly explaining visa obtaining processes for Indian citizens for different countries. I have traveled few countries in Asia. Your website is a lot of inspiration for me. I’ll keep visiting your website. U R Super Cool!

    • Ashray Says

      Glad to see you here! Hope we inspire you to travel far and wide!

      • malvin massey Says

        Plz send me you mail id i want to talk to you thanks plz mail me

      • xaheer Says

        lolz, really helpful information, if one has a b1 b2 visa can he still go to mexico via us without prior obtaining a mexico visa.. I am from mangalore got my b1/b2 two months back am planning to goto austin texas, maybe i may visit mexico

  • Gorilla Safaris Uganda Says

    hahaha funny stories. Very similar stories in Uganda.

  • Unknown Says

    Ashray i couldn’t help but notice the similarities of the university you are talking about and bits pilani dubai campus…where I currently study.. Or maybe I’m just paranoid.

  • Karan Says

    lol! Its fun to read about the 3 visa experiences prior to yours!
    I had a doubt that is now cleared…i wondered if there would be glass in between the interviewee and interviewer! Also I now understand that it’s an open environment, I initially thought it was a cabin type interview. lol~! I’ve bookmarked your website, its interesting! Will keep visiting!

    • Ashray Says

      It is an open environment but there IS a glass between the interviewer and interviewee. Of course, that’s how you get to enjoy all the fun stuff being said by others.

  • Ashok Kumar Says

    I came across your website yesterday when i surfing the net. I had a good time reading your experience on US visa. I truly think your website is very entertaining and resourceful. Thank you and keep posting…

  • Karthik Says

    Thanks for the article. Any idea how much money you have to have in your bank account to get your visa approved? I heard that you need to have quite some money to prove that you can meet your expenses. Something like 2 Lakhs? I freelance and haven’t filed my taxes yet. Do they require you to show your tax filings? Can I say my dad is funding my trip or something and show his bank account details.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    • Ashray Says

      They may require different things of different people depending on your individual circumstance. As such, you should be able to finance your trip either by yourself or through a sponsor like your father. As long as your reasons are genuine and your story checks out, I don’t see why there should be any problem.

  • Typical Indian. Hate for non English speaking lesser fortunate “natives”. Brown sahib incarnation in 21st century.

  • Raj Kar Says

    The only reason you got USA visa was your parents already had USA visa and they didn’t violate any immigration rule. And I believe you had mentioned about parent’s USA visas in your application. That’s why interview officer didn’t ask any other question or any document.
    I was never interested in visiting USA but with USA visa one can visit many countries without visa in world (Balkans, South Korea, Central America etc).

    And I too have a normal Indian passport with 10 years USA B1/B2 visa.

  • Kishor Says

    Aha. Yours truly got rejected twice. First interview went for two minutes. I was too nervous to talk. The second one went for fifteen minutes. The man went and consulted with his colleagues at the back, after that he comes and tells me “Can’t give you the Visa”. Damn disappointing. Thanks to the first rejection. If you want to travel to the US, show them your immovable assets here, or get a job that send you to the US. That’s the message. Traveling to other developed countries too would up the interviewers trust. I had planned an RTW, and spent Rs. 1,50,000 on flight tickets. Didn’t come to fruition. I lost that much money, and my ego hurt. Damn dissapointed.

  • Rahul Says

    Madarasii got a visa and is laughing at others. Typical marasi…. Don’t forget to do the head shake when u speak English. Ding F@#%&*$ ding.. People like u marasees make me hate madrasis more. U got a visa coz of or parents what did u achieve?

  • Abhay Says

    Hi Ashray.
    It was interesting to read your account on the application process.
    I have a question. When did you apply? I am planning to go to US in June 2017, can I apply in December?
    Thanks in advance…

  • I applied for US tourist visa six month back. which got ejected, the reason may be wrong answers given by me. May be I never been to any other country before. I got one invitation by my friends relative and I was not prepared for the interview. Now can I apply again If I am planning to go on a business visa?

  • Gurkeerat Says

    Hey dude, i want to get usa tourist visa, my parents have valid canada tourist multiple entry visa for 10 years, and i am also make a own travel history in my passport, i recently go to thiland, malyasia, china. after that i planned for europe trip like schengen, turkey or uk visa… after can i apply usa visa with my parents, and can i show hotel booking for apply visa or i want invitation leter ot sponsership from usa, i arrange both, or u can show any hotel booking in usa to get usa tourist visa or any type of invitation or nothing,, pls tell me, I want to app;y in december……………THANKS

  • Suresh Rana Says

    This blog so nice to read I enjoyed by reading and by imagination I was in interview lol hahhaha

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