Fory Fay ceviche, Arequipa

Hot Rocoto Ceviche

In the glorious city center of Arequipa, Peru – you can find some of the best ceviche in the world! We ate this delight at a restaurant called Fory Fay which is located at Álvarez Thomas 221. The restaurant is famous with locals and there are some tourists who drop by now and then. There are a few rickety chairs and tables and newspaper clippings of the owner receiving various awards.

Ceviche is a peruvian dish which is raw fish in lemon juice with some condiments – served cold. In this particular case, the fish is dunked inside the lime juice with some onions and other condiments but the star of the show is the hot rocoto pepper from Peru.

Rocoto gives a sort of hot chilli like flavor but it’s not exactly chilli. Paired with the lime juice, raw fish, and onions, this bowl is a tantalizing broth of aroma and an explosion of flavors once it hits the palette. YUMMY! I want to go back to Arequipa, JUST FOR THIS!

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