Hierve el Agua video - petrified waterfall Oaxaca, Mexico

Hierve el Agua. Life, as still as it gets

Hierve el Agua is a cascade in a remote mountain in Oaxaca, Mexico. Although the name literally translates into “the water that boils” it doesn’t actually look like its waters are boiling. The small streams of water that flow down the mountains are warm, but what makes the place unique is the huge petrified looking cascade that is streaming… but still in time.

One can only wonder how many thousands of years it took for the waters to flow and start calcifying down the cliff to form this landscape that looks as if created for a dreamy movie. It’s as if someone up in Heaven would have left a candle lit and it ended up melting down to Earth.

In Hierve el Agua, it feels like time does not pass by. Things look so calm that your thoughts don’t even want to be there to bother you.

Hierve el Agua presents life

as still as it gets…



Find out how to get to Hierve el Agua, from Oaxaca!

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